The online business model has a number of advantages to brick and mortar businesses. You can have a smaller staff – sometimes just one person. There is less cost involved, since you need less space. You can reach people all around the world and sell to them as well. However, if you are considering buying an online business that is already up and running, you need to make sure you are getting the right type of business.

What Are They Selling?

Getting into a business you know nothing about, just because the sales numbers look good may not work out well for you. Have an idea of how the online business operates. What do they sell and how do they deliver? Is it online digital goods only, or are there actual physical products that they sell? Understand what the website does and how it makes money, and only buy if you feel comfortable, or if you can hire people to run the business for you.

A Good Website

Of course, the hallmark of any good online business is a good website. Without a quality site, it means that you will not be able to attract customers and keep them on the page long enough to make a sale. Before you consider buying a business that’s online, you have to consider their site and how easy it is to use and understand for those who visit.

More Than a Pretty Website

While having an easy to use and aesthetically pleasing website is one of the essential elements that all online businesses need to have, that’s just the beginning. In addition, the website needs to be able to prove that it is actually able to draw in a large number of visitors, and that those visitors convert into clients or customers.

Proper marketing is a huge factor, and ideally, the online business that you buy will already have a good marketing plan in place, which you can follow. Because content is so important, you will need to consider the type of content they create for their site in addition to how they are marketing their services and products. Is this something you will be able to replicate? If they have freelance content producers, will they provide you with the names, so you can use them as well?


It is also a good idea to have the seller of the business sign a noncompetition clause when you buy. If you do not have one of these clauses in place, it means that the seller could turn around and open a site and online store just like the one that they sold, simply under a different name. This would put you in direct competition with the people who formerly owned your new business, which means their customers may simply go over to their new store.

Take the time to thoroughly consider what type of online business you would like to run before you buy. Research the business to make sure that their numbers add up and that you will actually be capable of making a profit.