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Bahrain Group Limited (BGL) is a financier group

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The simultaneous buying and selling of any securities, inclu

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What Advantage do I get with BGL
100% financing – no hidden processing fees In-house credit department with extensive underwriting experience ready to quickly review your finance request Flexibility in financing from $1,000,000 to $500,000,000 projects
Worldwide network of funding sources allowing us to approve your request when other lenders cannot
Capacity to approve all credit levels from "A – D" and can structure the harder credits to get their projects financed
Ability to work with private, public and non-profit groups
Superior personal service; you can reach us 7 days a week by email and speak directly with us during business hours.

Areas Served

A type of real estate loan in which either the interest rate charged or the length of the loan, or both, can change. This type of loan forces the Borrower to absorb the uncertainty of changes in interest rates during the life of the loan. All ARM loans are tied to some index such as government securities. Also called variable rate mortgages.

Industry Specialization

A loan for the purchase and preparation of raw land for development. Usually a construction loan or land sale is the source of repayment.