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Jethro Hopkins

No Coast Business Advisors

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4316 south 48th st
lincoln, Nebraska 68516


Business owners deserve to get the level of service only ano

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NCBA was founded out of a desire to provide a service to our local business owners that is desperately needed and to do so with integrity and ethics. All of our brokers have owned and/or sold their own businesses, all of our Brokers are currently owners in No Coast as we strongly disagree with an employee mentality when it comes to our clients. We believe this is a key distinction between us and our competition. An owner doesn't work his business, he lives it, we don't clock in and out, and we are doing what we love.

No Coast Now operates in Multiple States and is in the process of moving from a regional presence to a national one.

So when your ready to sell the business you have built choose someone who matches your work ethic, find another owner to get it done.

Areas Served

We have an expanding national reach based out of our HQ in Lincoln Ne.

Industry Specialization

We specialize in service companies, we work with everyone but enjoy companies that provide a service to their communities.

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Serial entrepreneur, 6 years in real estate, in my 5th year as the Managing partner at No Coast. Prior to all that I did a lot of sales and customer service management positions.

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