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Jacob Orosz

Morgan & Westfield Business Brokers Topeka

Phone: (888) 693-7834

2611 SW 17th Street
Topeka, Kansas 66604


Our only specialty is selling and appraising businesses.

Company Information

Topeka, Kansas, Office of Morgan & Westfield. At the Topeka, Kansas, office of Morgan & Westfield, our team of professional business brokers offers assistance to local business owners who are interested in selling their business.

We provide services that are designed to simplify the process of selling your business and handle the technical aspects so you don’t have to.

This will allow you to continue to manage the daily operations of your business and focus on the big-picture aspects of selling your business while we take care of the complicated details. And while you are handling these tasks, you will have the constant guidance of our business brokers, so you will never have to go through any part of the sales process alone.

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***We sell businesses in all 50 states***

Industry Specialization

Mergers & Acquisitions

Professional Experience

15 Years