Brent Bressler

Bressler Ventures LP

Phone: 316.744.8020
Fax: 316.744.8085

6223 N. Grove
Wichita, Kansas 67219


I have a proven Business Search Program.

Company Information

If you are ready to consider a sale, or any of the other important events, as Primary Business Consultants we can do more than just sell your business. We can help you maximize the value of your business to make sure you get every penny you deserve! Our successful experience can help you accomplish your goals in total confidentiality and be certain that you avoid the pitfalls in the process.

Areas Served

Midwest United States

Industry Specialization

Manufacturing, Distribution, and Service Businesses.

Association Memberships

ABC Advocates Business Consultants

Professional Experience

Brent has certifications as a Primary Business Consultant (PBC) and a Certified Estate Planning Professional (CEPP).